General and Legal Transcription and Proofreading


– One-on-one interviews
– Focus groups
– Speeches
– Webinars
– Board meetings


– Trials, hearings, depositions
– Police interviews and undercover operations
– Legislative sessions by state and local government


Movies, television, and documentaries
– Education/Class lectures
– Podcasts


– Transcripts
– Resumes and cover letters
– Marketing materials and newsletters
– Ebooks
– Websites


There is no software on the market that can replace a human transcriptionist.

Transcription is an art. It requires the ability to listen well and transcribe speech into legible text without changing the meaning. Because of the myriad of nuances of oral and written language, there is no software that can do the job adequately.

I have been transcribing professionally full-time for more than seven years. From a clear monologue or one-on-one interview to a focus group with background noise, my clients can count on my delivering a transcript that reflects the audio.

I began transcribing as it would be a flexible career that would support my traveling lifestyle. Now, I am passionate about delivering quality transcripts on a variety of subjects.

  • All jobs delivered on time, no excuses.

  • This is my full-time job.

  • No job starts until I understand the client's expectations.

  • I'm a strong writer with a good ear who knows how to use Google.



A and P Transcription

Specialising in closed captioning for the education sector.

Ben Hess & Bay Area Pictures

Producer, director, writer. I transcribe podcasts.

Bulldog Productions

Documentary production company. I was Transcription Coordinator for their Freedom For the Wolf project, which is premiering at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival.

Camilla Hall

I have worked with Camilla on Freedom for the Wolf, Copwatch, and her documentary short about Uber.

Casey Research

I proofread articles and ebooks for this financial and investment advice publisher.


Camilla Hall directed this documentary featured at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. I transcribed raw audio used in the editing process.

DAPS Transcription

This firm has me transcribe a mix of qualitative research interviews as well as legal transcription for court reporters.


I transcribe promotional videos and podcasts for this company offering supply chain management solutions to some of the top global brands.

Frugal Shunpikers Guide

I am a proofreader and editor for a number of these guides about travelling frugally in an RV through several U.S. states.

Fuskie Transcripts

This transcription firm specialises in qualitative research interviews and I mostly transcribe one-on-one interviews between researchers and interviewees.

Landmark Associates

This transcription firm specialises in qualitative research interviews and I mostly transcribe one-on-one interviews between researchers and interviewees.


I transcribe promotional materials, such as product launch videos, for this global provider of personal computer and mobile accessories.

Mother Earth Labs

A natural wellness company. I proofread their site and marketing materials.

Noble Transcription Services

Specialising in general and legal transcription.

Outburst Pictures

A documentary production company for which I transcribed raw audio for their Moroni for President project debuting at the Big Sky Documentary Film festival in February 2018. Now, I am working on a new project with directors who were nominated for an Oscar at the 2019 ceremony.

Possible Selves

A documentary production company for which I transcribe raw audio for editing purposes.

The Portable Scribe

Another transcription firm specialising in qualitative research, I transcribe one-on-one interviews and focus groups.

Willow Bunch Museum

A small town museum for which I proofread and translate (English-French) everything from promotional materials to signage and exhibit labels.


Please send your project details (length of audio, if you want verbatim or non-verbatim transcription, and when you require the transcript (ie. turnaround time)) for a quote. Emails are normally answered within 30 minutes between 9AM and 9PM CST Monday to Friday and within a few hours over the weekend.