December 9, 2019


Transcript Proofreading Rates

  • Standard (48-72 hours) $0.40/page
  • Rush (24-48 hours), $0.60/page
  • Expedite (12-24 hours), $0.80/page
  • Daily (less than 24 hours), $1.00/page

Hours are based on business days, which are Monday through Friday. Weekends and holidays may incur rush or expedite charges.

$0.10/page apply to work that is not scoped and nearly turn-in ready, with 80% or more pages returned.

The rates are for transcripts received in PDF format. Please contact me for rates to proof in Microsoft Word, against the audio in ExpressScribe, on paper, or with an errata sheet.

I return only the PDF pages containing corrections, which are highlighted in yellow and have red notes.

Please fill in the reporter preference sheet I will send you so that I do not make corrections to a personal preference.

For transcripts that are 200 pages or longer, as well as rush and expedite jobs, please consider sending me sections of your transcript as they are completed. I can begin to read as you continue to work on the transcript.


As of June 10th, 2019, Canadian clients are not subject to GST/HST.

I invoice under my legal name of Marie-Andrée Crothers the first business day of the month after the services are completed. Invoices are net 30 days. For new clients, invoices will be sent immediately after the job is completed and are payable upon receipt.

I accept payment via credit card, e-Transfer, TransferWise, wire transfer, PayPal, or any other agreed upon method of electronic transfer.

Agency discounts are available.

Download the rate sheet.

Transcription Rates

Rates vary depending on:

  • The quality of the audio;
  • The number of speakers;
  • The type of transcript needed (verbatim or not);
  • Special formatting/templates to be used;Whether you want a second pass (scope) of the document to check it against the audio.

I prefer to discuss rates on a per project basis because there are so many variables, but a non-verbatim transcript of one or two speakers with clear audio is $1.25 to $1.50 per audio minute, depending on if it is a formal interview or just two people chatting. A verbatim transcript of one or two speakers with clear audio is $1.75 to $2.50 per audio minute. Background noise, excessive talking over each other, and poor quality audio are all subject to a surcharge.

Rates and turnaround time are higher if I need to proof/my transcripts again the audio as I’m being asked to do two jobs.

Please note that an hourly quote is based on the length of the recording (audio hour), not a working hour. The industry standard is that it takes about four hours to transcribe one hour of good quality audio with one or two speakers.