December 9, 2019


PDF Transcript Proofreading Rates


Download the PDF transcript proofreading rate sheet.

Transcription Rates (All Industries)


Download the transcription rate sheet.

Please note that an hourly quote is based on the length of the recording (audio hour), not a working hour. The industry standard is that it takes about four hours to transcribe one hour of good quality audio with one or two speakers.

Legal clients, I do not provide a per-page rate because a page has proven to be so subjective as I work in so many jurisdictions. With a per-audio minute rate, we both know exactly how much the project is going to cost. I will not bill for one minute or more of dead air at the start or end of an audio file or two minutes or more of dead air in the file (eg. for a recess). So like a page, you pay only for what I transcribe.

That said, if you insist on a per-page rate, I could transcribe five to ten pages, see how many minutes per average there were per page, and then convert the per-minute rate to a per-page rate.